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Never lose your Gmail Drafts, Auto Save them to Google Drive Periodically

13 July 2013


Usually when we are about to compose a big email or a mail which requires pending information, we tend to have them in our drafts. We might update them in bits and pieces and send once it’s done. Some of us might even use drafts feature to keep intact crucial and important information and files. […]

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[Solved] Why YouTube Videos are not Buffering Fully when Paused?

1 April 2013


YouTube is one of the sites we hook on to for hours watching our favorite videos. This is probably one among the many sites we turn to when we are bored and want to spent some leisure time. Songs, movies, live telecast, TV serials, educational videos, whatsoever, name it you have it on YouTube. Watching […]

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Introducing After Tweet: Create your Own Twitter Scheduler in Minutes

29 March 2013


Twitter is a unique social networking service known for the characteristic of allowing users to share messages of upto 140 characters only. You might have noticed that celebrities and famous personalities choose Twitter over other services. Tweeting out the right content at the right time can make a lot of differences for your business. Over […]

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Introducing Gmail Read Receipt Notifier: Get Alerts when your Email has been Read

18 February 2013


Gmail is undeniably one the most widely used web-mails worldwide. Though it has a lot of features it can boast off, it does lack some functionality that many users would love to have. For example ability to sort email by sender, date etc., are missing. One such most requested feature in Gmail is read-receipt. It’s […]

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Get Free Live Stock Price Alerts from Google Finance via SMS

27 January 2013


Out of many tools that Google provides, Google Finance is considered to be one important tool for all investors and brokers. This service provides wealth of information about all companies. It provides vital information like live stock price, highest and lowest, percent of change in prices. It allows you to create an account and monitor […]

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Delete only Attachments in Gmail without Deleting the Emails using Google Docs

16 December 2012


Gmail offers us nearly 10 GB of free storage for our inbox. It might look sufficient enough but if you are an active user, over a period of time you very well might end up using all of the available space. Most of the time the culprit would be bulky attachments that sits in your […]

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Access Blocked Content at Your Office or School Using Google Docs as Proxy

31 October 2012


Web is meant to be open. It’s one amazing place where you can find tons of information with just few clicks. Be it from rocket science to cookery what not is available to us via the Internet. It has almost become a teacher to us. But since ages there has always been some sort of […]

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Get Free Cricket Score Alerts on your Mobile via SMS using Google Docs

30 September 2012


Cricket has always been one of the most favorite sport in many parts of the world. Craze of this awesome sport seems to have caught many with introduction of new formats like T20. This has made it more entertaining and exhilarating to watch. If you are a crazy cricket fan I am sure you would […]

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How to Prevent Others from Modifying Cells in Shared Google Spreadsheet?

9 September 2012


Nowadays everything has started moving into Cloud from complex applications to data storage. Cloud Computing seems to be the favorite of corporate world as well as individuals. Google Docs is one tool that has made life easy for many of us. You are freed from software installation, buying license and can access it anywhere from […]

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How to Forward Multiple Emails at Once in Gmail using Google Docs

22 July 2012


Gmail is one of the most widely used web mail by people across the world. It certainly does provide amazing set of features that makes our digital life much easier. But if you had noticed it does lag some basic and useful features that most of its competitors seem to provide. For example you cannot […]

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