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How-To: Download Author Disabled Presentations from SlideShare for Free

10 June 2012


Disclaimer: This article is just for educational purpose. I cannot be held responsible if you are violating the terms and conditions of SlideShare. We recently saw an article on how to download files from Scribd for free without an account which got a great response. In this article we shall see how to download presentations […]

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How-To Auto Share your Google Plus Posts on Facebook Timeline

6 May 2012


If you are vivid Internet user I am sure you would have signed yourself in most of the social networks. They help us to easily stay in touch with our family and friends. Facebook and Google Plus are two big player in this segment. Each of them trying to outrank the other. One might offer […]

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Get Free SMS Alerts for New and Important Emails on Gmail with Google Docs

15 April 2012


Consider a situation you are away from your computer and in travel waiting for an important email which you need to reply in a timely manner and all you have with you is your mobile-phone. Instead of constantly checking your inbox you can setup SMS alerts which notify you on receiving emails. Recently we saw […]

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How to Play Angry Birds Space Full Version on PC for Free

9 April 2012


It’s tough to stop ourselves from writing about Angry Birds. I am sure everyone should be aware of this awesome addictive game. This game has got a huge fan following worldwide. People just don’t seem to get bored of this game. Rovio, the makers of this game constantly come up with new version keeping ourselves […]

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Create Facebook like FullScreen Photo Viewer with FullScreen API

1 April 2012


Facebook recently has been introducing many GUI changes to make the user experience better. Some changes have got a good response from users while few a pretty bad response for example Timeline Feature. One such recent change that Facebook brought was Full Screen Photo viewing. This lets you view photos in fullscreen mode without any […]

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Use Google Docs to Get Free SMS and Email Alerts When your Website is Down

1 April 2012


Web has shrunk the world. Even personal views of an individual from the remote part of the world can reach worldwide thanks to the internet. Social Networking sites and blogs have made it possible. It does not cost you a penny to start a blog or website, there are many services who offer it for […]

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[Solved] How to Enable 3D Inspect in Firefox 11 When It is Not Showing Up?

31 March 2012


Mozilla recently launched Firefox 11 on March 2012. This version included many useful features for web developers like the Style Editor, 3D page inspection of Webpage DOM structure and redesigned HTML5 video controls. Apart from this it included other features like data migration from Chrome and Add-on Sync. One feature that has caught the eyes […]

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How-To: Save and Restore Your Browsing History in Firefox

31 March 2012


In this article we will be seeing various ways to save your browsing history in Firefox and how to restore them back. Wondering what’s the use of doing so? Read ahead. Firefox has been my favorite browser when it comes to browsing the internet. Very stable and crash proof with abilities to handle many open […]

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How to Fix Pinterest ‘We Couldn’t Find Any Images:No Usable Images Found’ Error?

11 March 2012


Pinterest has certainly been hottest topic of discussion on the web offlate. It is revolutionizing the way in which we are sharing the interesting things we find on web. A picture is worth a thousand words is the driving force behind this social networking site. For those who are new to it, Pinterest is pinboard-styled […]

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Download Files from Scribd for Free Without an Account

17 January 2012


┬áIn this article we will be seeing how to download PDF documents from Scribd without having an account, paying or uploading documents. Scribd is considered to be one of the best place of resource containing valuable documents and files covering almost all fields. It allows user to view documents online with the need of any […]

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