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Introducing Web on Keys: Instantly Open Popular Websites with Keyboard Shortcuts

7 April 2013


In this busy digital world every second is precious. Everyone is trying their best to save time in one way or the other. Being connect with the internet always has become inevitable these days. There are some set of sites which we will usually visit. They probably would have become a part of our daily […]

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Use your Smartphone as Wii-like Motion Controller to Play Games on PC

9 September 2012


Videos games have always fascinated us. Be it a young child or an adult most of us love playing games.It’s just that our tastes differ. It has become a common sight to see people hooked on to their PC or gaming console for hours together. That’s how addicted are people towards gaming. Previously Joystick, Keyboard […]

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How to Play Android Games on Your Windows PC

11 March 2012


In this article we will be seeing how you can play your favorite Android games on your computer. Android has been capturing the Smartphone market expanding its boundaries way beyond its competitors. Out of many features of Android that attract users, App plays a key role among them. App and Games available in Google Play […]

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How To Open Microsoft Office Documents on Your iPad and iPhone

26 February 2012


With the advent of technology more and more people have started using smart phones and tablets to get their daily digital needs done. We are using it from checking emails, listening music to reading documents and books. Product makers are pushing the limits to give all experience what your desktop can give right on your […]

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